How to see what’s app chat online on computer

Seeing your WhatsApp chats on a computer can be extremely helpful for staying organized and productive. If youre looking to view your messages from the convenience of a laptop or desktop, there are several ways to do so.

The first step is downloading the WhatsApp Web application onto your computers web browser. Once installed, open it up and scan the QR code that appears with your phone’s camera by opening up whatsapp on mobile device > menu > whatsapp web option . This will allow you to access all of your conversations from any compatible device with an internet connection. It also allows you to send messages as if they were sent directly from said device, making communication easier than ever before!

The second way is through using third-party applications such as WAMR which stands for Whats App Message Reader , this app allows users who have rooted their devices (Android) or jailbroken them (iOS) access their chat logs without having to install additional software onto either platform – perfect for those who dont want too much hassle when accessing these chats online!

Finally, another great way of seeing whats app chat online on computers involves using Google Drive backup service in order sync all data between multiple devices including laptops/desktops running Chrome OS operating system . All one needs here is just create new account via Google Drive website then select ‘Backup & Sync’ tab under settings page – once done this will automatically start archiving every single message thread along with media files shared over time into cloud storage provided free by tech giant itself !